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nail polish comes in different formulas, although gel nail polish is now very popular for its many advantageous properties. Old nail polish was similar to paint in that it used a solvent to keep coloration and a polymer liquid enough to paint before the solvent dried away. While these are still common and are convenient, they do not have the resilience or gloss of more recent products. 

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The best thing about gel products is that they are hard and very durable after curing. This can be a great cure for thin nail and also holds off the need to paint over old paint after it has worn thin and broken off. While regular nail polish can weaken in the presence of water or alcohol-based skin products, a cured gel will likely remain in place and not dissolve due to contact with rubbing alcohol.

Gel nail polish may or may not be the right solution for you. It definitely looks great, and because it does not dry out, it will remain very smooth and glossy after curing. Since gel has depth, it is possible to insert glitter or sparkly objects into the nail and then cure it within the gel. It will not come off easily with a daily routine and is a less messy way to look great at school.

Gel polish for nails comes in the soft and hard form. The soft form can be applied like standard polish and simply forms a hard coat when dried or cured. The stiffer formula can be molded into a nail extension and has the power to replace plastic fake nails that are adhered with a strip. Using the hard gel for nail extensions has the benefit of being stiff enough to be practical. This means that it is possible to open a can of coke without breaking a false nail away from its adhesive.

The alternatives to a gel and curing station set are the products that have been on the market for decades. They are cheap and convenient while a curing station might cost a little extra money. The difference is that cured gel is so much smoother, harder, and mess-free. The gel can be easily cleaned as it has to be cured to become hard and permanent.

There is no reason for a girl to be outdated or less attractive than the one sitting next to her. Chose gel because it lasts longer and is so much practical for school or the office. It is as firmly attached as your natural nail and helps to make it stronger. It will stay with your busy and energetic lifestyle while still looking great.